Friday, April 22, 2016

EarthDay 2016

Today and this weekend at Quest we are celebrating EarthDay. Go get on google and look up your local EarthDay events, or if you can't find any events listed that way check out your local wildlife, forestry, county extension. or parks services! Many of them have events planned for this weekend!
Or celebrate on your own, enjoying and appreciating our earth.

Still looking for something to do, check these out:

Forrest Fenn, one man's story of luring people to experience the treasure that is nature ...and he's put his money (or some of it at least ; )   )  where his heart is!

Today we are also releasing the 1st documentary module on the scientific method, "So...what is science?"!
Watch for the video upload on on YouTube site on EarthDay! (and we'll post it)

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