Thursday, March 23, 2017

Understanding Clouds on World Meteorological Day, 2017

This year's theme for World Meteorological day is *Understanding Clouds*.

Clouds are created made of small drops of water, clustered together.

For *beginners* there are the 3 basic types of clouds:

Cumulus - thick, puffy clouds that tend to be white on top and on the edges with a darker, flat bottom. They kinda look like cotton-balls or cauliflower (depending on your preference ;)  ).

Cirrus - wispy, transparent / white, icy clouds. They are sheer clouds actually composed of ice crystals!

Stratus - low hanging clouds in dark/gray layer. These clouds can produce drizzle, ice prisms, and snow.

Understanding these clouds helps to understand weather, and to forecast the weather you can expect!

Here's a more advanced cloud chart from NOAA (and a link to a NOAA .pdf of clouds):
click to view this chart larger!

...for more information about World Meteorological Day

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