Saturday, June 11, 2016

Head's UP! Full Moon ushers in the June Solstice (2016)

Get ready! This year there will be a full moon about 11 1/2 hours before the June Solstice 2016. This means that many of us will experience both on the same day! (which, yes, is a bit geeky... and rather cool ; )

This sounds like a great excuse for a bonfire!

The last time this happened was 1986, and this will only be the 8th time this has happened since the 1790s.

The Solstice happens at the exact same time all over the world, since it happens when the sun is exactly over the Tropic of Cancer, which means that in 2016 YOU will experience it on June 20 OR June 21 according to your time zone/location. It will happen on June 20 in Honolulu at 12:34 PM, Seattle at 3:34 PM (Pacific Standard Time US), Manaus at 6:34 PM (same as EST US), and in Nottingham at 11:34 PM (same as London UTC ; ) ... and it will happen on June 21 in Madrid at 12:34 AM, Kathmandu at 4:19 AM, and Sydney at 8:34 AM.

Want to check out what time YOU will experience it? Go HERE!

Sydney, Australia (Southern Hemisphere), will experience the June Solstice as the Winter Solstice; Chicago, US (Northern Hemisphere), will experience it as the Summer Solstice... we'll talk more about that later (with diagrams!).

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