Thursday, January 4, 2018

Yes, QuestX is moving!

 QuestX blog is in the process of moving over to !

We're in the process of updating the website and consolidating the blog on to our web page.
It will take us some time to get this all up to date, I'm hoping by March, 2018!

Please excuse our mess while we get this all sorted through and cleaned up.

A lot has been going on and we'll have loads to share with you later this year...
...stay in touch with us for upcoming events, podcasts, videos, activities, research, outings, news, curiosities, and other science "stuff"!

Currently, QuestX's "drop in" experiment page is at , "home" page , and "about/staff" page.

oh! ...and for some reason Firefox does not like the current web page set up and does not consistently work for our site, we'll be sorting that out too!  (the other browsers seem to work fine...)

…for more QuestX :
QuestX is also on Google+ / YouTube (QuestX), Facebook(, & Twitter (@QuestX1)